How Publishing Works

Bringing your magazine to life
Print is the most powerful way to communicate to your audience – but is it difficult to do? IFP Media has over 35 years' experience of helping our clients bring their magazines to life. Here's a quick guide to how it works:

1 - Understanding your needs
At IFP Media, our goal is to give you the product that's right for your needs. It begins by understanding what you want to communicate and who your audience is. Our experienced editors will help create a plan that can be delivered realistically and to your expectations. Our editors, Design and sales team have vast experience working with high-profile professional organisations and will guide you on how to give your message maximum impact.

2 - Editorial
Every organisation has an audience, so it's vital to make sure your magazine has their needs as its heart. Our editors will take you through customising the magazine to strike a chord with them – from news of relevance to interviews that get noticed. We have a team of contributors on hand for a variety of specialist topics and versatile feature writers who understand how to shape content to your requirements. Our editors are team players who will work with you from the start to ensure the content created is on target.

3 - The look
The magazine industry is fiercely competitive and readers have never been more spoilt for choice. IFP Media's award-winning designers work in partnership with our editors to give your magazine the visual edge that helps it stand out from the crowd. They'll create a working template for your magazine and, with every issue, bring it to life with style.

4 - Reaching your audience
Once the magazine has been signed off by you, the next stage of the journey begins. There's nothing quite as satisfying as holding a printed magazine in your hands. Our production team works with the best printers in the business to ensure your magazine is produced to your needs and delivered on time. We work with you at the distribution stage too, ensuring your magazine arrives to your audience's door as well as online via our hosting services and ezine options. But the journey doesn't end here, in fact, in the hands of your readers, it has just begun!

If you'd like to find out more about how IFP Media can help you, contact Rebecca or Bernard at +353 1 2893305. We look forward to talking to you!