irish farmers monthly

Irish Farmers Monthly was established in 1975, with a direct mail circulation of over 21,567 it reaches top farmers and key agri-business people. The magazine is aimed at the premier dairy, beef, tillage, and sheep farmers in the country, contractors and key agri/business people. As a monthly magazine, Irish Farmers Monthly has the opportunity to analyse key stories affecting Irish farmers while our key writers keep you informed, not just of agricultural issues, but also of European and international news.
Such writers include Mike Wilson, Executive Editor of Farm Futures, one of the US's biggest-selling agricultural publications. He is joined by Matt Ryan, while columnist Olin Greenan writes from a farmer's point of view in New Zealand. On top of this there is business, machinery and motoring, as well as in-depth interviews with leading agri-business people.
Noel Dunne joined IFP Media as Machinery Correspondent in 2016.  Noel is a juror on the TOTY board since 2016, and he represents Ireland on the Jury that selects the European Tractor of the Year.



Readership profile

Ireland's premier dairy, beef, tillage, sheep and pig farmers, as well, as key industry personnel